Over the last seven years, RRPR has worked with some of the world’s most renowned wine regions and merchants on attention-grabbing initiatives, including Wines From Spain, Taste of Navarra, Loire Valley, French Cahors Malbec, Paso Robles Wine Country Grand Tasting, Port Tour 2007 Vintage Launch and Wines From Brazil. Responsible for coordinating interactive and educational tastings, RRPR sets inviting social scenes to introduce Chicago’s media and the local wine trade to its spotlighted regions. With a passion for fine wine, RRPR works closely with international and domestic wine country alliances to host Windy City events that allow media, consumers, influential buyers and distributors alike to sample and discuss wine characteristics, ultimately resulting in sales and distribution for the wine producers as well as mass editorial coverage. RRPR draws large crowds and helps coordinate all logistics of these events, from scouting out event locations to mailing out invites to our targeted lists, collecting RSVPS, coordinating wine shipments for the events, checking people in at events and working the events to ensure that both the client and guests are happy. RRPR works as the local team, offering a comfort to our clients that the event will be a success. Media secured for these events include: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Time Out! Chicago, CS Magazine, NPR, Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits, Daily Herald, Chicago Reader,,, and the Red Eye.